Festival Tips

As the weather (hopefully) gets warmer and drier. The days get longer it starts to get to that time of year. Yes you’ve got it. Festival season kicks off very soon. This year has seen an increase in capacity at some and a growing number of festivals staring up and occuring throughout the summer months. There is one for everyone’s taste be it from indie music, dance, chill out and through to families.

Here at ESC Events, we are on countdown to our festivals so we have come up with a quick list on how to survive the festival season be it your first or you’re a seasoned pro. Enjoy.

1) Be prepared for the weather. Take your wellies as these could be a life saver. Pack layers and waterproof jacket just in case. Also don’t forget your suncream / hats / glasses to protect you from the other elements. You can never tell and the last thing you want is to be soaking wet or burnt.

2) Take baby wipes or anti bacterial travel gel that you can get from chemists. This will help to keep you feeling fresh and clear up any spillages.

3) Take roll on deodorant if you are staying to make sure you smell fresh at all times.

4) If it is a day festival – do your research into how picnics works. This is great to keep your costs down and also if you like your home comforts. Most festivals won’t allow glass in so take plastic plates etc. Even if you are staying over, a couple of breakfast bars and crisps never go amiss.

5) If you are camping, make sure you find a spot which is suitable for your group. I.E families will probably want to be in the family section rather than the field closest to the stage. Don’t camp too close to the toilets or fences and don’t block any access points.

6) Familiarise yourself with lost children, lost people spots and the nearest first aid facilities should you need them.

7) Fully charge your phone and camera before you go. Ideally take an old handset or camera that you have which is rarely used. This means that you can leave your valuables at home.

And it goes without saying have fun and enjoy yourself.


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