Event Transport

So you have event concepts, you have sourced your caterers, you know what theming you’re going with and you have secured the venue. Everything is in place for your event or is it????

Transport and access is a crucial part of the event and as an event organiser accessibility of the venue can be a key factor. However, when it comes to your guests arrival do you get involved in that. You have various options and we were lucky enough to work on a couple of events the past weekend where we saw guests arrive in different modes of transport of which we were responsible for.

Valet parking is a great touch to add to a private party or a wedding and is becoming increasingly popular.

If you have a large number of people to move, then coaches are great to be used. You then have the option of running a shuttle service and a range of coaches are available in different styles and sizes. For a themed party or wedding the old route masters look great and also gets those numbers in. This mode of transport can also encourage people to leave their cars behind and can be eco-friendly.

Horse and carriages are often seen at weddings, as well as looking great this is also a unique form of transport. They can work in cities or the countryside so are versatile as well as adding that wow to your party. Talking of weddings the types of cars that are available to brides are now endless from your traditional Rolls Royce through to a quirky camper van or traditional black cab if you wanted to be patriotic.

So if your stuck for transport ideas or need some help as to what type of transport could work and how it would work then feel free to get in touch.


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